Have any burning questions about the store, our website or what Liam had for dinner last night? Well look no further! If you have any further questions, you can call us at 250-383-0051, visit us on Facebook, or send us an email to info@bcshaver.com. 


FAQ About Our Web Store:


What does "Pre Owned" mean?
Some of the items in our store are "pre owned," meaning they were purchased from private collections. Pre-owned items have their original packaging, instructions and pieces and are unbuilt unless otherwise stated. We do buy collections, as it's a great way to keep rare items in circulation, though they must meet a strict criteria. If you are interested in selling, please reach out to us at info@bchobbies.com with the subject line: Collection for Sale.


Does my in store loyalty translate to your online store?
Yes! Check our our loyalty page for more information on how you can earn and save on your favourite hobbies.


Can you set something aside for me?
Sort of, but we can't pause the internet! The only sure-fire way to reserve an item is to purchase it online. Items set aside in store might sell online to a paying customer (there is no way to "hold" an item online). If there's something you want, be sure to order it online and you can come pick it up in store! Easy peasy, squeeze the lemon.


Some products don't have pictures! Why?
Email the ones you find to liam@bchobbies.com, and we will fix them!


What’s the deal with shipping?
Currently we only ship within Canada based on a flat rate of $15. However, if your order is over $150 you are eligible for free shipping. Be sure to select “Free Shipping Over $150” in checkout if you are eligible! If you forget to select this option, send us an email at info@bchobbies.com.

Also, you can opt to pick up your order in store and skip shipping altogether!


Can I buy paint and supplies online?
Yes! But be advised, online purchases of spray cans are for in-store pickup only. If you need to order spray cans online, then be sure to select “Free Pickup at BC Shaver & Hobbies” at checkout, otherwise the spray cans will be refunded and removed from your order prior to shipping.


I can’t find X in your catalog. Does this mean you do not have it in stock?
Most likely. However, you’re free to give us a call at 250-383-0051 and ask. It may be that we don’t currently offer that product online, or it has not yet been added to the catalog. 


Do you still sell/service Shavers?
Yes! However, we only offer shavers and shaver service in store.


I'm having trouble with the website, can you help?
Yes! Please reach out to my email at liam@bchobbies.com.


What did Liam have for dinner last night?
Liam went classic, and did a roast chicken stuffed with herbs, garlic and lemon with roasted potatoes, beets, onions, red pepper and carrots. It was divine!

FAQ About Our Brick & Mortar Store:

Is this the same BC Shaver & Hobbies that was on Fort St?
Yes! We’ve relocated and are now under new ownership, though you’ll recognize lots of familiar faces at our new location.


What safety precautions are you taking in store to help prevent the spread of COVID-19?
We are allowing 10 customers at a time into our store. Make sure to wear a mask, especially for those who have not been fully vaccinated.


Can we come in and browse your store now?
Yes! We are now fully open to the public, though only 10 customers are allowed in at a time. Make sure to practice social distancing and wear a mask.


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