DIY House Charlie's Dining Room - Wonderful Life Series

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Robotime-Rolife Charlie's Dining Room DGM09 reproduces a small, busy but warm dining room. The flowers on shelf and goblet on table, unfinished spaghetti all display a house full of love and life. Remind you of the lovely days when mom cook for you?

Make Your Very Own Handmade Dollhouse

Have you ever wanted to build a miniature dollhouse, but weren’t sure where to start or what supplies to get? Then these kits are for you. DIY House kits are packed with all the parts you’ll need to assemble an adorable dollhouse full of charm and character - and all you’ll need are some household tools like scissors and a ruler! Some of them come with thin metal wire to cut, but they are thin enough that a basic cutting implement should be sufficient. However, nippers wouldn’t go amiss!

Small and Eco-Friendly

All DIY House kits are made with eco-friendly materials and cleanly cut and machined, have no burrs and no odour on any of the printed materials. Great care is taken ensuring minimum wasted parts during manufacturing and construction. Each kit comes with some PVA glue that should be more than sufficient for the task, but if you require more, click here.

Assembly Required

A coloured, step-by-step instruction manual is included in each kit so you can get a clear, detailed view while building. These kits are extremely detailed, and while not at all difficult, they do require patience - be sure to pace yourself and enjoy the process of slowly creating something beautiful, whether by yourself or with friends/family! 

Makes a Great Gift

We at BC Hobbies believe that people are more creative than they think, and it might surprise you to find out that someone you know is interested in building a DIY House! With the amount of detail in each kit, your loved ones will have hours of hands-on fun putting their dollhouse together. Perfect for any occasion, they are great gifts for the creative person in your life!

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The Start of Something New

While these kits are complete with tons of intricate parts and details, you don’t have to build it exactly as the instructions say. If something doesn’t look right to you, then let your creative spirit be your guide and rebuild, repair, reorganize or incorporate new parts and props as you see fit!

*Please note: Some kits originally include a battery that may or may be removed to comply with overseas shipping regulations. The instruction manuals will always show the type of battery required (usually some form of easily attainable watch battery like an LR41.)

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