Traxxas Series 4 Power Cell 4200mAh 8.4V NiMH iD Plug Flat TRA2950X

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This is the Traxxas SERIES 4 4200mAh 8.4V 7C Flat NiMH with iD Technology TRA2940X.


  • 12AWG multi strand wire is soldered directly to the LiPo cells eliminating increased resistance from bullet connectors and accidental reversed polarity connections
  • iD Technology
  • Semi rigid construction does not require a hard case and eliminates wire harness connectors that can loosen and fail
  • Engineered specifically to fit Traxxas models


  • LiPo charging bag
  • EZ-Peak Plus 4-amp NiMH/LiPo Fast Charger with iD™ Auto Battery Identification

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