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Print Your Imagination

The Elegoo Neptune 3 Plus is designed with you in mind, whether you're just starting your 3D printing journey or you're an experienced enthusiast. It's loaded with user-friendly features to provide convinience for and quality with every print. Let's dive into what makes this printer a top-notch choice.

Silent Precision

Say goodbye to noisy printing sessions. Thanks to its STM 32-bit silent motherboard and an enhanced nozzle heat dissipation structure, the Neptune 3 Plus keeps noise levels below 50dB. Those late-night or shared-space projects just got a whole lot quieter.

Smooth Moves

Experience smooth, accurate printing with wear-resistant POM V-slot wheels. These wheels glide silently and effortlessly, ensuring that your creations come out just as you imagined.

Power You Can Trust

With a 500W wide voltage power supply, you won't need to fiddle with adjustments. This intelligent power supply automatically adapts to your input voltage, ensuring safe and hassle-free printing.

Precision in Every Layer

The Neptune 3 Plus boasts a Z-axis dual lead screw and dual-motor design, enhancing the accuracy and stability of your prints. Double tie rods add further stability to the Z-axis gantry.

Tension Under Control

Adjusting belt tension is a breeze with the XY-axis belt tensioner. Just twist the knob by hand to get the perfect tightness. Y-axis components are guided by dual profiles, improving the balance and stability of the printing platform.

Never Lose Your Progress

Worried about unexpected power interruptions? Fear not. This printer can resume printing right where it left off when the power supply is restored.

Waste Not, Print More

The built-in filament detection sensor ensures that you'll never run out of filament unexpectedly. If it detects a shortage or break, the printer pauses and alarms, giving you time to load new filament. Say goodbye to material waste and scrapped models.

Easy Model Release

The PEI magnetic platform provides excellent adhesion, and when your models are done, they easily pop off the flexible print steel sheet.

Cooling Efficiency

A pair of fans flanking the print head ensures thorough heat dissipation and rapid layer cooling. After printing, all fans automatically switch off, saving power, reducing noise, and extending their lifespan.

Screen Your Way

The removable capacitive screen is versatile. Use it by hand or secure it to the machine base. It supports eight languages for easy navigation and model preview.

Illuminating the Way

The LED light strip on the gantry can be controlled via the screen, allowing you to monitor your prints even in low-light settings.

Elevate your 3D printing experience with the Elegoo Neptune 3 Plus. It's your ticket to quieter, more precise, and user-friendly creations.

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