Guillows Build n' Fly Cloud Buster Laser Cut

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These models are designed to teach a builder with little or no experience in model building, from the very basic all balsa Goldwing glider to the Fly-Boy box fuselage stick and tissue rubber powered model. Build-N-Fly models are ideal for individual use or for group model building such as scouts or a school class. Each kit contains very easy to follow step-by-step plans, building materials and "power package" (where needed) to assemble an attractive model with good flying ability. Short build times will have you in the air fast!

This is the THIRD SKILL LEVEL in the "Build-N-Fly" construction kit series, a series which will teach you how to build and enjoy flying model airplanes.

The Cloud Buster is a rubber powered model airplane which includes landing gear and a specially designed airfoil to advance your skills in model building. A real high flyer that will start you on your way into the "wild blue yonder"

No:    4301
Name:    Cloud Buster
Wingspan:    17.75"
Build Time:    6+ Hours
Skill Level:    Beginner

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