SD BB Senshi #387 Nu Gundam

Sale price$23.95


This cute, SD version of the Amuro Ray's Nu Gundam comes from the BB Senshi line. ¯¿½¯¿½¯¿½¯¿½ The ¯¿½¯¿½¯¿½¯¿½Super Deformed¯¿½¯¿½¯¿½¯¿½ (SD) line recreates popular designs from the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise in fun, cute cartoon-like proportions. These kits are perfect for younger builders and beginners and can be a fun diversion for experienced builders too. ¯¿½¯¿½¯¿½¯¿½ This polystyrene model kit is molded in color and snaps together. That means it does not require glue or paint! It comes with stickers and decals to provide color accuracy.

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