AK Weathering Pencils Deluxe Edition Box

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This beautiful set of 37 watercolor pencils isn’t just for show. They have some serious powers, especially when used on a matt surface. Accomplish a variety of dry effects like chipping, scratches, brushed metal, panelling and highlighting. Or, add some water or white spirits and get ready to blend for streaking, rust, smoke staining, light & shadow and dust & mud effects. 


These pencils are made for ease of use for those just getting into modeling, but with the performance that a seasoned hobbyist can appreciate. This set comes with the full line of pencils, listed below:


  • AK10001 Black

  • AK10002 Rubber

  • AK10003 Smoke

  • AK10004 White

  • AK10005 Dirty White

  • AK10006 Olive Green

  • AK10007 Light Green

  • AK10008 Dark Green

  • AK10009 Sand

  • AK10010 Sepia

  • AK10011 Light Rust

  • AK10012 Medium Rust

  • AK10013 Dark Rust

  • AK10014 Strong Ocher

  • AK10015 Vivid Orange

  • AK10016 Light Chipping for Wood

  • AK10017 Dark Chipping for Wood

  • AK10018 Gun Metal (Graphite)

  • AK10019 Chipping Color

  • AK10020 Red Primer

  • AK10021 Green Blue

  • AK10022 Dark Blue

  • AK10023 Light Blue

  • AK10024 Dark Grey

  • AK10025 Neutral Grey

  • AK10026 Dust / Rainmarks

  • AK10027 Concrete Marks

  • AK10028 Earth Brown

  • AK10029 Buff

  • AK10030 Streaking Dirt

  • AK10031 Red

  • AK10032 Yellow

  • AK10033 Aluminum

  • AK10034 Gold

  • AK10035 Dark Aluminum

  • AK10036 Bronze

  • AK10037 Copper

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