1/60 PG Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam

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A polystyrene model kit by Bandai, molded in color and snaps together. Comes with stickers and decals and photo etch materials. 

The Most Detailed, Mechanically Impressive Perfect Grade to Date

This kit features a 180mm tall inner frame, the largest in the history of GUNPLA. The entire frame can be put together in full at the earliest point in the assembly process of any PG kit to date. It has over 90 points of articulation throughout the body, and the torso features a "Core Block" mechanism with a brand new structure that combines 40 points of articulation.

Metallic molding colors and plated parts have been used for the multi-layered inner frame to create four different looks. A variety of materials including three types of secondary processed parts applied with silver plating, matte gold plating, chrome plating, and metal parts while newly developed etching stickers have also been included.

Making Gunpla History

It also has the biggest number of opening hatches throughout its body in GUNPLA history, and includes a new LED unit to recreate activation scenes. The small new Dual RGB LED Light can change colors, and an internal design that maximizes light-guiding efficiency enables both articulation and light-up effects. A small light-up unit is also included in one of the 1/60 scale Beam Sabers that enables it to light up with a vivid gradation as though the beam is actually being emitted from the saber handle.


For another amazing Perfect Grade, see the 1/60 Perfect Grade Gundam Exia!

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