Guillows PC-6 Porter

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The popular private planes in the 300 series now have precision laser cut balsa parts. Laser cut parts are much easier to build from and make a more precise model than die cut. Guillow's has been working hard to redraw and convert our existing kits over to this newer technology. Watch for the above laser cut logo in catalogs and on box covers!

The PC-6 Porter is the worlds leading Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) airplane making it extremely versatile in all weather and terrain conditions. It's used in many different operations such as search and rescue, material transport, and parachuting excursions - a truly rugged utility aircraft. This Guillow creation is a faithful replica of the real plane, designed for ease of assembly and flight stability. A beautiful model that is a great flying kit, designed for lightweight, ease of assembly and flight stability.

No:    304 LC
Name:    PC-6 Porter
Wingspan:    26.125"
Scale:    1/24
Build Time:    20+ Hours
Skill Level:    Intermediate

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