Guillows British S.E. 5A

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Guillow's legendary WWI series all have precision laser cut balsa parts that make it a snap to assemble these historic aircraft. Each kit contains plans and instruction sheets that have set the standard in the industry for over 85 years, realistic looking water release decals, lightweight wheels, detailed plastic parts that consist of a radial engine, access panels, machine gun and pilot figure. Each kit is packed with ample covering tissue, balancing clay, an assembled propeller and rubber thread. These kits are the last word in scale realism for both the detail enthusiast and for those who build to fly scale WWI models.

The most famous British scout plane of World War 1. Designed and built by the Royal Aircraft Factory, 2,973 S.E. 5 and 5A machines had been delivered by October 1918. Mostly employed on the western front, the balance were used in training units in Great Britain.

No:    202
Name:    British S.E. 5A
Wingspan:    24"
Scale:    1/12
Build Time:    30+ Hours
Skill Level:    Intermediate

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