TRA5460A Aluminum GTR Shock Set (Blue) (4 pcs)

Sale price$89.95


GTR shocks in brilliant blue- anodized color! Whether you‚‚‚¢‚‚‚‚€‚‚‚‚™re looking for the ultimate in damping performance and consistent lap-after-lap control, or you want to customize the look of your truck, the new blue-anodized GTR shocks are the perfect addition to your model. The GTR design features a machined, threaded aluminum body with an oversized spring collar for easy and precise preload adjustments. The spring perches are vented to help prevent dirt from packing around the X-ring seals, and hard-chrome shafts resist stiction for smooth action and consistent performance. Inside the shock, volume-compensating bladders are used to ensure perfect damping throughout the travel range. Blue-anodized GTR shocks are sold fully assembled in sets of four complete with silicone fluid. The anodized aluminum bodies are also available separately and are a direct fit for all GTR shocks.

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