A new commission painting service specifically for tabletop & wargaming miniatures and action figures!

Our Mission

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Whether you have specific image references or need some design assistance, our pros are here to assist you every step of the way.

Attention to Detail

From intricate details to dynamic color schemes, we ensure that each piece receives the care and attention it deserves.

Show Stopping Results

Whether you're looking to assemble a cohesive army for tabletop battles or showcase individual masterpieces.

Pricing Model

The Comission Painting service operates in a tier-based system. See the table below for a rough guide, and please note that it features our average prices. The final cost will be worked out between you and your painter, depending on how detailed you want your miniature to be.

It is often more time efficient to batch paint. When painted in this process, the batch of models will cost less than they would if they were painted individually.


Painting Tier Time Fee/hour Notes

Table Ready

Average 30 mins/ Primaris Marine sized figure

Average $17.50/ hour based on Primaris Marine sized figure

Basic table-ready miniature quality

High Detail

Average 1-2 hours/ Primaris Marine sized figure

Average $35-$70/hour based on Primaris Marine sized figure

Higher table quality with a wide range of options to add detail to the model

Display Quality

Multiple hours per model to get it to a very high standard


The highest level of quality per miniature

Commission Form

Please fill and submit this form, which will connect you with one of our professionals. They may ask if you have any reference images for your project. Emails are answered in a first come/first serve queue. You may not get any replies on weekends/holidays, but our painters will get in touch when they can!


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Meet the Band

Jordan and Ariel are both local painters in Victoria BC with years of professional experience. They have taught classes on painting miniatures as well as run their own mini-painting social media pages! Tap their portraits to check out their Instagram pages!